Tips on dating a preacher

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Then she added, "Sometimes you need be rubber and let things bounce off of you and sometimes you need to be a sponge and know what to soak up." That was it.

She was in her polyester skirt, and I was in my shorts. (or my husband needs to soak up and I don't need to be defensive) I find the truth, absorb it, and let the rest of it bounce off.

I was convinced we were nothing alike, but I still needed some insight into this pastor's wife gig. it feels like everyone's opinions add up to overly critical expressions that define my very existence and identity… Lori and her husband, Mike Mc Daniel, and their 3 children were missionaries in Africa before returning to plant Grace Point Church in Bentonville, AR where Mike is Lead Pastor.

I had convinced my naive self that I could do this pastor's wife thing better than the generation before me. Lori serves as a Global Mission Catalyst with the IMB, mobilizing churches and leading women to participate in God’s global mission.

Objectively, you want to spend time with people who are reliable and have developed the kind of Christian character you consider important.

Subjectively, you want to spend time with people who are physically, socially and intellectually attractive to you.

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A graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary, she is an associate rector and shares in all aspects of ministry, with an emphasis on Outreach and Mission.