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These guys are spanked with ping pong paddles, floggers, straps, wooden paddles, electric paddles and shoe horns!

Please insert new entries in alphabetic order and include a site description.) The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository contains stories posted to Alt. Over 1000 authors are represented "The stories published here are fictitious (except for a few childhood memories).Spanking personals sites are personals sites or other Internet/online services (such as newsgroups) for making contacts and finding partners among spankophiles, or people with an interest in spanking in general.Spanking personals are also a common service of spanking magazines. There are many reasons: A) I love the idea of spanking, B) I love seeing dominant women C) I love women's bottoms, so seeing them reddened is excellent D) there are so many different poses that can show the two women making new photos fascinating E) Lastly, there is an unending variety of new pictures constantly being produced, so many blog or tumblr posts show new scenarios, or at least new participants.Thus, why have I shied away from M/M consensual spanking.

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I have basically never shown this type,simply because the other F/M, M/F, and F/F involves women.

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