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I'm new to unity, but I love it so far...despite the many.bugs in the game, for example I slid down a rooftop and tried to grab on, and I got stuck, unable to move and feeling quite annoyed. Whats the point of an m MORPG (mini-multiplier-online-role-playing-game) if no one can even talk to each other? there is only one option and it's greyed out, there is a panel on the right with 3 free slots, but again I can't do anything with it.

Protect your Sub Phatty from dust, spills and other studio (and stage) mishaps with this high-quality dust cover.

Regarding Text Chat, you can only talk to your contacts/friends in UPlay by bringing UPlay overlay (Shift F2) while in-game, you cannot text a stranger or public chat unfortunately.

Note, any player can disable voice chat from menu, so even if you talk they will not be able to hear you if they have it disabled, to know if he/she has it disabled/enabled, just look next to their names while playing CO-OP, if there is a speaker icon next to their names then they have it enabled and can hear and talk to you, otherwise (no speaker icon) they will not be able to hear nor talk to you.

On September 6, 1936, in one of his famous fireside chat radio broadcasts, President Franklin Roosevelt describes the conditions he observed firsthand on a tour of the many states devastated by drought.

With peculiar timing, Valve seem to finally be offering refunds on From Dust.

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Customers who bought the game under the belief its DRM required a one-time only activation angrily responded to the revelations (as brought to the world by the fine eyebrows of RPS) that the game required a connection for every launch.

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