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Us 99 dating

Text messaging today plays a huge part of that communication.

We have our cell phones with us 99% of the time and usually within an arms reach.

Chances are you’ve asked yourself or someone else one of these questions right?

Should I add the exclamation point at the end or just use a period?

Highland Park resident Jill Rudman created Jybe, a new local dating site at that targets 35- to 65-year-olds and verifies members' names, ages and addresses.

Rudman hopes the verification process will discourage those who tend to lie about other things, such as marital status, from applying for membership, which costs per month or 0 for three months."Everybody's biggest complaint with online dating is that people lie about so many different things," she said.

I realize most people would rather have their arm cut off than tell someone face to face that they’re not feeling it anymore, but never text someone saying it’s over. If it’s the beginning of a relationship leave them alone when they’re hanging out elsewhere. Don’t get all philosophical and try to have long drawn out conversations through text messaging. Serious more important conversations are best had in person or on the phone. Do text someone “good morning” or wish them a good day if you like them. Remember to be short and sweet and that less is always more.

People like to know that they’re being thought about. Do respond to someone’s text message in a timely manner, try not to take more than 24 hours to get back to someone. Don’t freak out if you don’t hear back from someone right away, everyone has their own stuff going on in their life. If you’ve just met someone, don’t text them after 10pm to hang out. Be wary of your voice and tone in text messages, because the person on the other end isn’t able to read your facial expression or hear your voice.

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Demand for online dating and matchmaking services tends to increase near New Year's and Valentine's Day, resulting in better sales and higher membership rates around those times, Carter said.