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Nichedating com

This big-data approach to dating—or “”—reflects our generation’s desire for stronger romantic connections, and contrasts sharply with how previous generations used to think about romance, when proximity was often the defining factor of a match.

In 2003, an early mobile dating app called helped users find nearby matches via Bluetooth.

As entrepreneurs have grown increasingly hungry for a slice of this proverbial love pie, desperate start-ups have been trying to carve out their own tiny and loyal user bases.

You may have heard about 3ndr (pronounced “thrinder”), the app for finding threesomes, or Farmers Only, the dating website for meeting farmers. Intimi Date: This dating app caters only to type-A, Ivy League grads with perfect GPAs, low body fat and a high sperm count.

But alternatives to general dating apps like Tinder are emerging.

In a bid to produce better matches, some require users to answer myriad questions about themselves, then analyze the large trove of responses.

Users can list their relationship goal as “long-term dating,” “short-term dating” or “duet partner.”Pedalphile: This unfortunately named dating app caters to those with a fetish for cyclists and bicycle enthusiasts.There’s fierce competition in the cyclist-fetish dating-app space.Bicy Xual, one similar app, has as its motto, “Are You Bike-Curious?There is already a better understanding of one another which is going to make conversation flow and avoid those awkward silences.A common ground also helps two people get more acquainted.

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