Plesk spamassassin updating

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Plesk spamassassin updating

For more information on pricing and how to upgrade, please click here.This utility provides automated management of autoresponders using email.This document describes what steps are needed in order to reject unknown local recipients correctly.The local_recipient_maps parameter specifies lookup tables with all names or addresses of local recipients.

If a local username or address is not listed in $local_recipient_maps, then the Postfix SMTP server will reject the address with "User unknown in local recipient table".For details on how to install and configure Mail Enable, please see this article.To purchase the upgrade from previous versions please log in to your Online Services account.The good news is that this keeps undeliverable mail out of your queue, so that your mail queue is not clogged up with undeliverable MAILER-DAEMON messages.The bad news is that it may cause mail to be rejected when you upgrade from a Postfix system that was not configured to reject mail for unknown local recipients.

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I had a problem that I just could not get figured out and I'm no newbie to the scene.

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