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Teen dating wiki

Though traditionally a hero, Cassandra Cain was brainwashed by Deathstroke the Terminator and briefly served as a member of his Titans East group.

Robin (Tim Drake) found the means to restore Batgirl's mental control and she turned against the Titans East.

Derek Hale is one of the main characters in the first four seasons of MTV's Teen Wolf.

Derek initially served as a mentor to Scott Mc Call, but the relationship soured after Derek became an Alpha and began making choices Scott found immoral.

Peter Hale claims a 15-year-old Derek conspired with an Alpha (Ennis) to have Derek's girlfriend (Paige) bitten in hopes of turning her into a werewolf.

The process didn't take and, to end her suffering, Derek killed her.

Light (Cell Mate) Mumbo Jumbo (Cell Mate)Rose Wilson (on occasion)Terra (sometimes)Robin (rescuee)Beast Boy (rescuee) Jinx is one of the Titans' main enemies. Five terrorized Gotham City and was frightened once the Batmobile appeared, thinking Batman himself was arriving to combat them. Robin later used Batman's equipment to capture Jinx and the rest of the H. However, she discovered blueberry pie and tasted it with caution before asking how Cyborg knew the dessert was her favorite. Jinx cried as she looked at the balloon while Gizmo attempted to snap her out of her depression. Jinx, however, remarked that they must also be crime-fighters. The two begin to argue as Jinx complained about Robin's intrusion and that he smelt like celery. Jinx eventually gets Starfire and Raven to commit crimes, including destruction of property, resisting arrest, prison breakout and theft. However, before Robin could call them into action, Beast Boy and Cyborg volunteered to defeat them through the use of power moves. Starfire poked Jinx in the eye repeatedly with her stick and tied her up with the other teenage villains. Gizmo declined, but accepted upon seeing her puppy dog eyes, claiming the H. Cyborg tells her it's not if she choose to rob a bank at a certain time and date, winking to signify a date. In order to have an exciting girls' night out, Starfire and Raven visited Jinx in the Juvenile Correction Facility for her help in bringing the excitement. Skeptical, Robin stood aside as the duo used the power move, Centaur Kick against Jinx, launching her in the air until she crashed into a wall. Jinx agreed and the two kissed, shocking one another. E's plan to build an orbiting satellite out of their headquarters and was left in shock at Mammoth's beating at the hands of Red X, calling him mean while she accompanied him to tend his wounds. Robin (possible love interest)Cyborg Beast Boy Raven (best friend)The Voice in Robin's Head Dr. When the powerful Gordanians invaded the planet, her devious older sister Komand'r (aka Blackfire), wanting the throne for herself, took the opportunity to convince the Gordanians to capture Koriand'r as Tamaran's soon-to-be-queen, in exchange for peace and her place in the throne.Light (temporarily)Trigon (temporarily)General Thraxis (ex-husband)Aquaman (former love interest)Nibor (temporarily)Kid Flash (former love interest)Silkie (little buddy/pet)Le Bron James (Character)Nibbles Wally T (Character)Rose Wilson (sometimes)Jinx (sometimes)Terra (sometimes)The Powerpuff Girls The Fish (deceased) Chubby Chops (deceased)Hug Head (deceased)See-More (rival) Blackfire (older sister)H. Koriand'r went with them, convinced it was for the good of her planet, only to discover Komand'r's treachery and the Gordanians' plan to bring her to their Citadel to live out the rest of her days as a tortured slave.

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Koriand'r then managed to escape during space flight and fled to the nearest planet, Earth.