Fake passport dating scam toronto dating fish

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Fake passport dating scam

My husband was called on Wednesday from “VISA” and I was called in Thursday from “Master Card”.

It worked like this: Person calling says, “This is Carl Patterson (any name) and I’m calling from the Security and Fraud department at VISA. Your card has been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern, and I’m calling to verify.

We all receive emails all the time regarding one scam or another; but last week I REALLY DID get scammed!

Both VISA and Master Card told me that this scam is currently being worked throughout the Midwest, with some variance as to the product or amount, and if you are called, just hang up.

Then, at the last moment, usually a day before her "arrival" when you are already psychologically "conditioned", she suddenly tells you that she needs to pay some additional fee, usually not much, say 6, otherwise she can not use her ticket and all her hard earned money she paid for this ticket and the visa is lost.

The catch is, that since she is not asking for money, you might not suspect her to be a scammer.

Their thinking is: what is two hundred dollars for me, even if she turns out to be a scammer.

Scams succeed because they look like the real thing and catch you off guard when you’re not expecting it.

For example, some web sites have over 20.000 profiles, however this is not a reason to find any scam inside this Agency, it only gives you an impression how many profiles you can find on the 'entire' web.

So, the chance is present, but if you prepare yourself in a proper way, the risk of being scammed can be reduced to almost zero.

By the time you get your statement, you think the credit is coming, and then its harder to actually file a fraud report.

The real VISA reinforced that they will never ask for anything on the card (they already know). We filed a police report (as instructed by VISA), and they said they are taking several of these reports daily and to tell friends, relatives and coworkers.

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This is a company we have been watching and the charges range from $297 to $497, just under the $500 purchase pattern that flags most cards. I just needed to verify that the card has not been lost or stolen, and that you still have your card. Don’t hesitate to call back if you do.” You actually say very little, and they never ask for or tell you the card number.