Enotalone dating forums

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Enotalone dating forums

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to post my personal story of how my ex-boyfriend of 1 1/2 years recently contacted me to get back together 8 months after we broke up.

If you are juvenile, you won't end up being with anyone for the whole life.

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Things were great, until 7 months into dating, while I was out of town, I find out he contacted his out-of-state ex online, and rekindled some feelings.

Helpless as to what to do, I respected his decision and didn't contact him for a week, until he called me at 6am in the morning, feeling upset, anxious, and lonely.

He tells me that he misses me, but in fact, still isn't completely over his ex (which is the real reason why he broke up with me, not the career change bull).

Perhaps the only way to find out is to break your NC if you comfortable with that and ready I might add to speak with your ex. But it's almost coming up on a year since we've been broken up, 10 months of NC.

I love her tremendously but I am trying to move on.

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I think after 10 months of NC though I have my answer. It seems you have had the strength to move forward and continue on in your life in-spite of those feelings you still seem to carry with you in regards to your ex.